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Dear Fellow Map Enthusiast:

There are two places to which photos can be uploaded:  Your profile, and these photo galleries.

-To upload your personal photos of favorite maps or whatever to your Profile, please go to Profile, Edit/Upload Photos and follow instructions.

-To upload photos of general interest to these galleries for other members, such as of a WMS meeting or your step-by-step retracing of the mapping of the Mason-Dixon line, please email the photos to me no larger than 1 megabyte per photo.  While we all like to take 20 meg photos, given screen resolutions and sizes, anything larger than one meg will not show any better on 99% of the screens in general use.  My email address is

=Videos.  If you have a video of interest, please upload it to youtube and send me the link.

WMS March 18 '17 meeting
27 Photos  3/21/17
Miami Map Fair 2017
14 Photos  2/20/17
1/12/2017 Members Fest
9 Photos  1/14/17
Annual Dinner 2015
6 Photos  5/18/15
April 2015 Dealer Panel
10 Photos  4/21/15
January 2015 Meeting
10 Photos  1/20/15
November 2014 Meeting
6 Photos  11/17/14
Folger Visit, January '14
14 Photos  1/23/14
WMS 2014 Annual Dinner
18 Photos  5/16/14
1/10/2013 WMS Meeting
6 Photos  1/27/13
Peter Barber at 2/7/2013
16 Photos  2/8/13
Miami Map Fair 2013
8 Photos  2/6/13
Enthusiast's Photos
1 Photo  12/9/12
Britannia Depicta
4 Photos  3/27/13
Neat Maps
1 Photo  4/4/13
Morgan Portolan Atlases
46 Photos  10/23/13