Tom Sander 7

I had the opportunity to visit the FREE excellent exhibit at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (Oct 22, 2017 – Jan 21, 2018).  Title: Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting.  More details about the exhibit HERE , including a nice, long video.  Included in the exhibit were Johannes Vermeer’s The Geographer and The Astronomer.  An unexpected surprise, in its own room, hung Johannes de Ram’s Figurative Map of Delft (dated between 1675 and 1678).  This map, truly wall size, is part of the National Gallery of Art’s Library, but seldom seen on display.  I include photos taken during my early December visit to the exhibit.  Non-flash photography was permitted of all the items below.


Description of the geographer


Photo of the geographer

Brochure of the Exhibit

Description of the astronomer

Photo of the astronomer

Description of De Ram’s map of Delft


Photo of entire map by De Ram



Detail of the map of Delft without all the border vignettes