Tom Sander 6

As you may have gathered from the “Tom Sander” pages below, our esteemed Editor and oenophile has been on a wine tour of the Douro and other places on the Iberian Peninsula.  He supplied a map (cleverly disguised as a highway map) of his travels.  The dark line on the map is where Tom thinks he went.  The lighter line was where he actually went – any coincident points in common are strictly random and accidental.

Remember the “high-spirited” kid in high school who was kicked off the bus?  I understand from the tour operator that Tom is in danger of being that present day character to be sent to Jeanie with a note from the principal tour operator.

Being a perspicacious person, I concluded that Tom had more than a thimbleful of wine on some of this stops.  (Update from webmaster:  I am reliably infomred that Tom NEVER took more than a thimbleful at a wine-tasting.  I am further informed he brought his own "thimble" which could be described a "super-sized" or "bucket-like.")

Finally, here is Tom's description sent with the images:  "While not very mappy, this is appropriate.  While still in Portugal, I visited the westernmost point of land of continental Europe - Cabo da Roca - northwest of Lisbon (see the map).  Tom Sander  On the edge at Cabo da Roca"