Tom Sander 3a

(Webmaster note:  While the Douro region winemakers were delighted at the arrival of the Tom Sander party and their immoderate (make that excessive) consumption, the futures market for Douro wines hit an all-time high on the prediction of shortages.  We believe the Sander party is now staggering to its next stop, further roiling regional wine futures markets). 

From Tom Sander:

Reporting from Regua, Portugal, in the center of Douro River wine region.   As part of a leisurely cruise along this excellent, for the most part undiscovered, wine region, I have enjoyed many port wines and others too.

Then today, we visited the Douro Museum , had a presentation and Port tasting, then turned loose to see the many exhibits.  Among the exhibits were three key maps in the history of the region.  I include the three with this report, along with the English signage pertinent to each.

Port wine and maps?  A fine combo.  Add chocolate and some cheese.........

(Caption follows each map)