"Recent" Publications 2007-2019

August 2017:  Joel submitted his last issue of "Recent Publications...."  Joel, thanks from all of us for your loyal, reliable and important work over the last ten years.  Joel is ably followed by Leah Thomas - WELCOME Leah!

Dear Fellow Map Enthusiast: One of the most important resources provided by The Washington Map Society is Joel Kovarsky's listing of recent publications (articles and books) about maps, cartography, geography and related fields. Now available is a complete and searchable listing about ten years of material which originally appeared in his column in the Portolan.  His opus covers Fall 2007 through Summer 2017.  Leah's covers 2017 to date - 12 years total!

Click the link below and the document should open in Adobe Reader or similar program, and you can browse or search.  To search, as you would on any browser page or .pdf document, hit ctrl-F, look for the dialog box, and enter the text for which you wish to search.

Click HERE to see the listing.

Joel advises, "In case people ask, the prices listed there reflect the full retail price at release."

(Updated September 2019)

(If you don't have a .pdf reader, click on this link to download Adobe Reader for free: http://get.adobe.com/reader/?promoid=DINRS)