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(Posted February 28, 2020:

Printed back issues of The Portolan - Available now, but not much longer

Do you enjoy holding a print copy of The Portolan?  Do you have a full back set, or are you missing some issues?  Have you been an author, and would like to have some additional copies?  Are there some issues with articles you wish you had read?

NOW is the time to act to get those back print copies.  As part of a downsizing of inventory in the coming months, notice is given that back copies are now available, but that will change in the coming months. The Society just cannot indefinitely maintain the ability to provide back print copies of The Portolan.  The Society has a varying number of copies of individual back issues. All issues are currently available.   Once the print copies are sold, that issue will no longer be available in print form, as there is no expectation to do reprints of back issues after they are sold out.

How to find more information of what is available?  Click HERE to search a full listing of back tables of content, PLUS the ability to examine the index to those issues.  Determine your desires. Then see below for pricing and ordering instructions.  Be sure to note that for 2 or more copies of the journal (they need not be the same issue), a discount can be computed due to postal cost savings.

Do act NOW, so as not to be disappointed.

Single copies are priced as follows, and include postage. Since May 14, 2007, the only mailing option offered by the US Postal Service for the mailing of single or small quantity loose issues outside the USA is via "First Class Mail International" which is transmitted by air-speed.

Click HERE to browse the "Portolan Contents and Index" page.

                                                                                           Rest of World (below)

Portolan Pricing

Eff Dec. 2017



  Issues 1 through 12




Issues 13 through 36




Issues 37 through 44




Issues 45 through 65




Issues 66 through the current issue




If three or more issues are ordered, a reduction is possible due to postal savings. Communicate with the Editor either by e-mail or post indicating which issues you wish to purchase and advising where you wish the copies to be mailed. A price will be quoted. Should you wish to pay via PayPal, special PayPal data entry instructions will be provided.

Complete back sets are available, as are partial sets for those wishing to complete a collection of past issues. An attractive discount is offered.   For example, a set of issues 1 through the current issue costs $500 (US addresses) and $600 (Rest of the World - mailed via air-delivered M-BAG). Advise the Editor of your needs and your location for a price quotation for less than full sets.

ADVANCE PAYMENT IS REQUIRED. Payment is to be via or in a US dollar check or money order (no Canadian checks or foreign currency, please). Click HERE to make a payment via PayPal. Make the check payable to WASHINGTON MAP SOCIETY. For those paying by cheque from overseas, your cheque is to be drawn in US Dollars with a bank that has a US banking affiliate indicated on the cheque. Additionally, the amount due to the Washington Map Society is to be NET OF ALL BANK CHARGES, please.

Our US Federal Tax Identification Number is 52-1745756.
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