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Cumulative Contents and Index of Portolan Through Issue 104

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If your webmaster may editorialize, this doc is a wonderful sequence and history of The Portolan, a product of dedicated and devoted editors over the last several decades.  Take a few moments to page through and you will be suprised at the number of authors and contributors who have repeatedly and loyally suppored the editors (Spoiler alert:  Bert Johnson, at his current rate of authorship, will soon hit triple digits).  And if I may continue to editorialize, The Portolan prints three times per year, but the work goes on over twelve months -- including choosing and following up with authors, choosing articles, editing, selling adverstising (and collecting for it!), laying out, quality control, printing, shipping, storing and shipping back issues, writing letters to thank authors, answering letters to the editor, and much, much more.

In addition to being the editor, Tom Sander also contributes Cartographic Notes to every issue, also available under "The Portolan Journal" tab above. 

And if all the above weren't enough, Tom contributes common sense, experience, intelligence and dedication to every aspect of WMS operations.

End of editorial, finally!!