Member to Member

Special service available only to Washington Map Society members for journals only (not for the sale of maps):

Do you want to donate your Portolans or other cartography and map related journals?  Are you missing issues and want to find some?  Click HERE to send your information and to obtain a free post on this page and please indicate ‘Member to member ad’ in the subject line.  Potential recipients:  Click HERE to be put in touch with donor indicating which specific item(s) you wish to discuss.

[Not a member?  Click HERE for information.  Digital membership is only $20.00 for the first year.]

Here are some alternatives for the journals you want to give away:

  • Donate them to your local public library.
  • Donate them to a school.
  • Drop copies off in waiting rooms.
  • Pass them along to friends or family.


  • Items may not be offered for sale.
  • This page is for individuals only (please, no dealers) and any agreements made between donor and recipient do not involve WMS. 
  • The webmaster retains the right to reject, limit or edit any submission. 
  • Listing will run no longer than 60 days. 
  • PLEASE let webmaster know if items no longer available so I can remove listing.