Map-Themed Interesting Links

Dear Visitor:  Following are some random pages your humble webmaster found interesting.  For more equally random and fun recommendations, please visit the Washington Map Society Facebook page HERE.

August 11, 2017:  Eva Russell, a librarian from Colorado wrote:  ".....  reaching out to thank you for your wonderful page, since it’s been immensely useful in a children’s program our library is hosting. The purpose of the program is to teach geography and important landmarks of the world. To further e,xpress our appreciation, the children and I thought it would be great if we recommended another resource we found useful in our research. It’s and it’s a great resource guide to various landmarks across the world. If you decided to add it to your resources, I'd love to show the kids that their suggestion was up and running to help others out with getting to know the world a little better. It would really help them feel that they contributed positively to the lives of others. Thank you again and warmest regards, Eva RussellThank you for your note, Eva, and special thanks to your kids who suggested the link to help others!  Kids, please be proud of your suggestion that will certainly contribute positively to the lives of others!!  If you have more recommendations, please please ask Ms. Russell to send them to me!

Eva, I went to (click HERE) which is a wonderful resource.  Among other side-trips, it took me to U of Oregon mapping project, click HERE , where I enjoyed many interactive maps.

New on December 4, 2016:  Click HERE for a very interesting page for kids about maps, travel, geography, cartography, etc.  Brought to the world by, of all things, a car seat company.  The link was sent to us by Dakota's Mom in hopes it will help other kids.  Thanks Dakota and Mrs. Lowe - we very much appreciate your input!!  Happy arm-chair and road travel to you both.  (Mrs. Lowe:  I replied to your email, but the address came back as undeliverable).

May 16, 2016:  Click HERE for "...creative resource from Canva that features 30 beautiful (and epic) map examples including some valuable design lessons that we can learn from them. We've put together this compilation to serve as an inspiration to cartographers/map-makers in creating educative and at the same time visually-pleasing map designs....":

Clich HERE for several interesing links about the history of cartography, expeditions, mapping terms, map overlays, etc.  Contains some nice basic information from a wide variety of sources provided in a map enthusiast's blog.

Added December 2013  From Tom Shaw, some very well done thoughts about cartography, including links to additional information, click HERE.

The Civil War in four minutes, on a map.  Very interesting presentation.  Click HERE.

From Mark Perry. click HERE for a very amusing and interesting commentary on the border between Canada and the US.

Smithsonian Magazine:  Battle of Gettysburg through Robert E. Lee's eyes.  Use of GIS in recreating historic sites, click HERE.

Smithsonian Magazine:  Creative use interactive maps and GIS for understanding the Battle of Gettysburg, click HERE.

Try out two articles about maps, one on how the carography craze started, and the other How We Use Maps and Globes: An Illustrated Guide from 1968: