Leigh Lockwood

Place:  Morgan Library, New York City.  Specifically, Mr. Morgan's office.

Robertus de Bailly (French, FL 1530)

Verrazzano Globe, 1530

Gilded copper.

"One of the earliest dated globes, this gilded sphere depicts the world as known from the explorations of Giovanni da Verrazzano, who journeyed to the New World in 1524.  He sailed along the coast from South Carolina to Newfoundland, becoming the first European since the Norse colonizers of ca. 1000 to visit New York and Narragansett Bay.  The globe, executed by sculptor Robertus de Bailly in 1530, was based on a 1529 map by Verrazano's brother, Gerolamo.  Like the map, it identifies the newly charted North American continent as Verrazana."

The Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City is our favorite museum in the world.  We stay around the corner a few times each year and always drop in as at this time of year they always have the original manuscript of Dickens "A Christmas Carol" on display nearby one of their Gutenberg bibles.  Temporary exhibits were Memling portraits and reunited tryptych, Charlotte Bronte: An Independent Will, and Luther's Reformation.

There were strong spotlights in the room, so this was the best image I could get.