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In reply to an inquiry about educational resources for primary school students, Tom Sander made the following suggestions:

As the WMS is really more into historical mapping and the history of cartography,  I suspect a fine place to refer the writer  is the American Association of Geographers.   Their members have many more younger members, many in the ‘trade.’

Perhaps an even better lead would be to the National Geographic Society. See .  They are heavily involved in K-12 education.

Sorry the writer is not near Portland Maine, and the Univ of Southern Maine’s Osher Map Library .  There are LOTS of teacher resources at this link.

Yet another great resource is the Boston Public Library’s Leventhal Map Center.  Click on then on the tab marked FOR TEACHERS.  Lots of great resources at that site for teachers.

Following is part of an answer to an inquiry written by our esteemed Editor Tom Sander:

I refer you to the leader in map education for young people – the Osher Map Library at the University of Southern Maine .

They have for years been at the forefront of such matters, at first helping to foster map education for students in Maine, but now seen as a leader in the USA for such education.  Do look at their website, rich with posted materials.  They have spent so many years developing good approaches for kids of all ages, that I really think they are the best source for you.

A close second in such education here in the US is the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.  Please look throughout their site for great resources.

We have also much material at our website

And for a site at which you can spend hours, see Map History/History of Cartography.

For map images, here are two excellent sources, both free, with hi-res downloads possible:


I wish you success with your endeavors.


Thomas F. Sander

Editor, The Portolan

Washington Map Society