E-Mail Instructions

If you find your email provider is placing emails from leigh@washmapsociety.org into your spam or junk folder, following are instructions for some common channels:
Google's Gmail: Log in to your mail through a browser. Look AFTER "Unread" in the "Everything Else" folder and if email from leigh@washmapsociety.org is there add new contact, Leigh Lockwood, leigh@washmapsociety.org
Hotmail.com or Outlook.com: Log in to your email through a browser. Look in the "Junk folder". If a message from leigh@washmapsociety.org is there, right click it, select not junk. The email and all future ones should arrive in your inbox.
Earthlink: We persuaded Earthlink to stop blocking messages from washmapsociety.org.
AOL: Look in your spam folder. If our message is there, right click it and select "Add to Contacts."

If you use Outlook: Move the message to inbox, right click the message, select never block sender.

Other Email Providers: Adding leigh@washmapsociety.org to Contacts usually solves the problem, although Verizon, Comcast, and a few others have their own formulas.