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Courtesy of WMS member Bruce Van Roy:

Waitress: “Hawaii, Mister? You must be Hungary”

Customer: “Yes, Siam but I can’t Romania here very long.”

Waitress: “Alright, I’ll Fiji but don’t Russia.”

Customer: “Put a Cuba sugar in my Java.”

Waitress: “Don’t be Sicily, Big Boy, Sweden it yourself. I’m only here to Serbia.”

Customer: “Give me a Turkey but no Greece on your finest China.”

Waitress: “Good Gaza, how about a Canada Chile?”

Customer: “Alaska only one more time -- can’t Jamaica the cook step on it.”

Waitress: “Are you Venice eating?”

Customer: “Yes, give me the Czech . . . hey, Egypt me!”

Waitress: “Jordan right, every little bit Alps.”

Customer: “Denmark my words, there is Norway I will ever eat here Afghan.”

Waitress: “What’s got India?” What a Spain in the neck.”

Customer: “Stop, I can’t stand to see a woman Wales.”

Waitress: “Here we Ghana again.”

Customer: “We could Babylon forever.”

Waitress: “How Iran-ic, Kenya think of Samoa?”

Customer: “Uganda(m) right, I’d rather Swiss than fight. I’ll take a Poland of your customers. ”

Waitress: “I don’t Bolivia; those were the Laos jokes I have ever heard. Albania from my restaurant.”

Cartographer 1: Leigh, did you know Bert lost his job as a cartographer?

Cartographer 2: No! What happened?

Cartographer 1: He was let go because he had no sense of Yuma!!

The following is shamelessly ripped off from


From xkcd: a comic about map projections