Carol Ann Lockwood 1

My wife Carol Ann decided I needed a birthday party (who am I to contradict?), so she invited 70 or so friends for a gathering in October (2017).  Being the creative type and a keen observer of her spouse, she correctly concluded that I like maps and that a map theme for the invitation might be nice.

She sent out an invitation including the map below but promptly received some complaints that the map was not very helpful for our guests to find the venue.  I thought the guests were being over particular and of course stood up for my wife (I'm not stupid), but I thought I would ask the opinion of fellow members of the WMS.  Please see the map below and vote by clicking "Contact Us" tell me which number most applies:

1.  The map to the venue is clear.  Your guests are too demanding, and your wife, as always, is perfectly correct, beautiful, smart, and you are the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

2.  The map could be zoomed in slightly to be more helpful.

3.  I don't like the colors.

4.  Tell me the wine selection before I try to sort out the location.

5.  Other (be careful, my wife has access to your answers and doesn't forget ANYTHING!)

P. S.  Don't forget to add YOUR map sighting to what your webmaster hopes is a fun sidetrip for WMS members.