Bob Hansen 2

Another great "find" from Bob Hansen:

This piece of art, entitled, “Where Are You?”, painted by Los Angeles artist Shelley Heffler greeted me as I entered the waiting room of a new medical practice I went to a few weeks ago . This 48” x 74” painting, completed in 2015 filled a wall in a very contemporary building across from the Georgetown Law Library. When I looked at it, I certainly knew where I was and I instantly recognized the design and plan of Washington, DC. But I did wonder how many people took notice of this painting and/or knew what it was – do people just view this as contemporary art, or do they recognize the patterns?

The painting made me curious enough to do a little Internet surfing to find the website for the artist:  Reading her own website:  “Shelley Heffler is an artist who takes her inspirations from traveling, cartography, and digital images from  NASA.”  She has whole series on Antropocene, Maps, and Mapping the World and is quite the prolific artist.