Bert Johnson Map Extravaganza

Hyper Scribe Bert Johnson, not one to settle for one or two map sightings, sends several!!  Thank you, Bert!!

Polished stone mosaic collage of early maps of DC area in new (sorta) terminal of Reagan Washington National Airport (actually very nicely done):

Huge advert for ICC 2015 on main Antwerp walking street:

Not a map, but the gravestone of Abraham Ortelius in the Antwerp Cathedral (He isn't buried there. It's a long story, but ultimately a boring one.)


Map of city of Hamburg drawn on leather cover of wall decoration in Hamburg rathaus

This is a compass made to hang in the captain's cabin on board ship. It is designed to be read from below, so the captain could read it from his desk or bed.

Aerial photo of Antwerp Harbor laid in the floor of the small Harbor Visitors Center

This modern "sculpture" stands outside the Martha Washington Branch of the Fairfax County Library near my home: